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Mortgage Checklist

Thank you for choosing Kohler Credit Union for your home financing needs!

To help you get started, please see below for a checklist of items that will be needed to proceed with your application. Please note that as we move forward in the process, we may need additional information to complete the application.

We look forward to working with you on such an exciting and important milestone in your life!

Proof of Assets Information

  • Most recent depository account statement (for the previous 2 months). This includes checking, savings, money market, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, and other brokerage statements.
  • Current real estate holdings including current mortgage statement and homeowner’s insurance policy.

 Employment and Income History

  • Name and address of all employers for the previous 24 months and most recent pay stubs (for the previous 30 days).
  • Federal income tax returns, and W-2’s, for the previous two years, including business tax returns if applicable.
  • If retired, benefit award letter, 1099’s, or pension letter to confirm continuation for the next three years.

 Personal Debt

  • Open credit account information, including creditor name, account number(s), payment amount and current balance (information will be pulled from credit report), and any new debt not listed on your credit report.

 Additional Documents

  • If applicable, documents related to bankruptcy, foreclosure, or any other legal action.
  • If using child support or alimony as a basis for repayment, 12-month’s history of receipt and legal order stipulating payment.



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